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What is Quilting Maths?

What fabric do you need to make your next quilt?
What beautiful quilts can you make from your fabric stash?

Quilting Maths is an app, for Apple IOS and Android devices, that provides the following functions:

Material Needed:
Using the width of the material, being used to create the patches, and the number of patches required, including the patch size, the app calculates the length of material needed.

Patch Count:
Using the desired patch type and information on the width and length of the available material, the app calculates the number of patches that can be provided by the available material.

Setting Triangles:
Using information on the finished block size the app calculates the size of squares needed to provide the necessary side and corner setting triangles.

Using the width and length of the quilt the app calculates the amount of binding material needed (based on the size of the cut binding strip being used).

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Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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